This is an open call for all the audacious Creators and visionary Designers out there in the world!

We build new worlds.

This is an open call for all the audacious creators in the world. We are always looking for talented, visionary creators to join our diverse and talented team to push the boundaries of entertainment and create vivid, imaginative, innovative experiences. 

Embark on a journey.

All of our projects begin with an ambitious vision. We seek creators with unique perspectives and bold styles, shaping new realities into international events, ceremonies, attractions and destinations.

Every Creation is different

The creative process is unique on every project, and we build our approach to embrace this. 

Share your vision.

So please reach out if you are a

Creative Director – Creative Strategist – Designer – Author – Art Director – Video Art Director – Visual Artist – Concept Designer – 3D Artist – Set Designer 

Are you ready to join the team of wonders? 

Send your CV and Portfolio to and let us discover your talent!

*this open call is specifically addressed to skilled freelancers with a solid project development background in the following industries: events & ceremonies; digital and interactive exhibitions; temporary & permanent artistic installations; design & architecture.