Balich Wonder Studio is an integrated entertainment Group that conceives, produces and delivers live experiences. We create visionary projects with long lasting value, from large scale Ceremonies to immersive shows, from events and brand experiences to destination experiences. We value emotions as the ultimate experience of everything we approach; we generate them through unique creativity and impeccable execution.

Balich Wonder Studio is the holding that brings together companies specialized in the live entertainment and communication with the aim of being one of the leading international groups in the design, production and delivery of live experiences, from major shows, celebrations and global events to leisure and entertaining attractions and real estate amusement projects.

Born in 2013 from the experience of Marco Balich, Gianmaria Serra and Simone Merico, the Group is currently merging talents and skills of a multicultural team of more than 140 people coming from 20 countries and it operates through 4 divisions and two companies in Middle East: Ceremonies Division, global leader in Olympic and Regional Games Ceremonies and large scale shows; Events and Brand Experiences Division, with high-end expertise in conceiving and producing luxury brand experiences (often labelled Feelrouge, from the heritage of Feelrouge Worldwide Shows, founded in 2016 now merged in Balich); Destination Experiences Division, for innovative large scale projects that transform public spaces into social experience destinations, in collaboration with real estate developers, entertainment operators and public institutions; and Immersive Shows Division, offering a new theatrical format in which different performative languages are merged in order to create a new and immersive entertainment experience.

BWS-KSA, the company based in Riyadh, delivers the most innovative entertainment and cultural events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, thanks to deep roots in the local culture and driven by the ambition to foster a new best-in-class generation of professionals in the recreational sector. HQWS, based in Dubai, Riyadh and most recently Sydney, is a large scale event producer and operate as an organizer and supplier to streamline process, increase efficiency and reduce cost without jeopardising quality.

In 2019, when Balich Wonder Studio reached business and organizational dimensions far beyond large-scale events only, in order to fully seize the opportunities offered by both the market trends and the Group positioning, the managing partners recognized the need to structure growth and future trajectories. With these objectives, Stefano Core joins the Group as CEO and has launched a plan aiming at sustainable growth and consolidation, through the aggregation of new skills and extraordinary transactions of a different nature.

In 2021 Carolina Dotti e Valentina Saluzzi, founders of Feelrouge Worldwide Shows, became partners of Balich Wonder Studio.

In 2023 Balich Wonder Studio has been acquired by Banijay to build a Media and Entertainment powerhouse. The deal signals the ground-breaking evolution of content and live event companies, combining the strengths of the established world-renowned content group Banijay with the pioneering capabilities of the live entertainment player Balich Wonder Studio.


  • 2023

    ACQUISITION Balich Wonder Studio has been acquired by Banijay
    to build a Media and Entertainment powerhouse

  • 2021


  • 2020

    INCORPORATION Balich Worldwide Shows Saudi Entertainment Company has been incorporated in Riyadh

  • 2020

    BEA WORLD AWARD Feelrouge Worldwide Shows awarded Best Agency of the year at BEA World

  • 2019

    MERGER Feelrouge Worldwide Shows & Punk for Business

  • 2018

    GIUDIZIO UNIVERSALE The first Italian resident show. It has been created with the advice of the Vatican Museums and it was the most attended Italian theatrical show in 2018

  • 2017

    BEA AWARD Punk for Business awarded Best Agency of the year at BEA Italia

  • 2016


  • 2016

    COMPASSO D’ORO Marco Balich has been awarded with Compasso D’Oro for Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony

  • 2016

    FOUNDATION FeelRouge is the agency where art, entertainment and technology are united by a unique creativity capable of designing eclectic, contemporary and compelling events for luxury market clients

  • 2016

    RIO 2016 Marco Balich signed his 10th Ceremony as Executive Producer. The Ceremony has been viewed by 2.6 billion people

  • 2015

    INCORPORATION Punk For Business has been incorporated in Milan with a stirring vision and a disruptive approach to brand events, formats and activations

  • 2015

    ALBERO DELLA VITA The Tree of Life has become the icon of Expo Milan 2015

  • 2014