Ceremonies / National Celebrations

DUBAI / 2015

44th UAE National Day

Produced by HQWS

Water as a magic mirror to boost a celebrative and stylish open-air theatrical show

HQWS successfully produced and designed for the third time the official UAE National Day celebrations on behalf of DTCM. HQWS delivered a grand and elegant open-air show of light, music, movement and theatrics, staged entirely upon the water with Dubai’s dramatic skyline as the backdrop. The show celebrated Emirates values and traditions and was led by the poetic narrative inspired by the words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

A cast of over 400 local and international artists (including school children, dance students and police cadets) performed on the submerged stages, supported by water screens, dancing fountains and pyrotechnics. Highlights of the show included live horses galloping riderless across the submerged stage, a performance from Bedouin horseman – Ali Al Ameri, and LED flyboarders performing exciting aerial displays.