Ceremonies / Olympic Ceremonies


LONDON 2012 | Rio 2016 Olympic Flag Handover

Produced by Marco Balich | CC2016

— Aquele Abraço

The Rio 2016 Olympic Flag Handovers broke down assumptions by proposing an innovative and unconventional experience. The solemn Olympic protocol became a warm Brazilian “Abraço” and a breath-taking explosion of joy. Driven by the contagious rhythms of samba, the scenography of the Rio 2016 Flag Handover in London 2012 literally immersed the audience in a concentrate of Brazil’s culture, diversity and beauty.
A colourful ensemble of musicians, dancers with fantastic costumes, and Brazil’s legendary personalities, that harmoniously reinterpreted their tradition and their mystical heritage.
Together, the London 2012 artists offered a moment of unconditional sharing where disable and able-bodied performers pushed the limit of the possible. The Queen Elisabeth stadium lived a unique Flag Handover, which undoubtedly dismissed stale convention. A thrilling invitation to Rio 2016!
The Rio 2016 Flag Handovers in London 2012 marked the first time a South American country hosted the Olympic Games. The Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, received the Flag on behalf of over 190 million Brazilians.

Executive Producer
Marco Balich

Gianmaria Serra

Produced by CC2016