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Beijing / 2022

BEIJING 2022 | Milano Cortina 2026 Paralympic Flag Handover

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

We are light

During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games closing ceremony, the Paralympic flag was officially handed over to Milano Cortina 2026.
To indicate the handover, the National Stadium was lit with the colors of the agitos, the Paralympic symbol representing the union between mind, body, and spirit.
It also echoes the Paralympic emblem for Milano Cortina 2026.

The light was the guiding thread of the flag handover ceremony. In the video “We Are the Light,” projected during the ceremony and conceived by Balich Wonder Studio, Paralympic athletes light up the world with the multicolored rays of their determination in the name of diversity and inclusion.

Light is energy and movement, a multifaceted and powerful force composed, at heart, of all colors of the world. Light, like sport, impacts lives, transforms perspectives, and ignites change.

Paralympic athletes illuminate the world with the multicolored rays of their determination, reflecting diversity and inclusion: their acts become the living symbol of the infinite potential of the human being.

These athletes do not only bring light. They are the light.