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SANTIAGO 2023 | Pan American Games Closing Ceremony

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

A dialogue between the roots and future of Chile

The Closing Ceremony of the Pan American Games was a pivotal moment that closed 15 days of shared excitement, triumphs, and joys. For the creation of this show, our inspiration is drawn from specific aspects of Chile: its geography and culture. We are moved by the epic image of the Andes Mountains, the traditional rhythms passed down from generation to generation, such as the chinchín and the cueca. All these elements are present on stage, but not in a pure state.

Our intention has been to provoke a fluid dialogue between tradition and the contemporary through an aesthetic re-reading which allows us to establish this direct communication between root and future, always highlighting the importance of diversity equity and respect for all those who make up this territory.

The Closing Ceremony, developed in collaboration with Lotus has been a celebration, both for the athletes and for the Chilean people and the entire continent; we have designed a dynamic show full of colour, rhythm and energy, where music has been the backbone of this celebration.