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SANTIAGO 2023 | Pan American Games Opening Ceremony

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

Chile shines with a spectacular Opening Ceremony

In front of 50,000 spectators, 4,100 athletes from 41 countries and 650 million viewers across America, the Opening Ceremony of the Pan American Games, the largest-ever sporting event in the country’s and continent’s history, was a magnificent 3-hours showcase of Chile, its land and its people.

Balich Wonder Studio, with the contribution of the Local Associate Producer Lotus and great Chilean professionals, has conceived the four ceremonies with sensitivity, projection and modernity, starting from the soul and roots of a vast territory from north to south.

The Opening Ceremony 2023 has been conceived from the most essential, ‘The land and its people’, a concept that embraces the relationship that every human being has with their place of origin. Balich Wonder Studio was commissioned to express universal values through artistic and theatrical acts, interweaving Olympism and local culture, passion for sport and artistic talent.

The 19th Pan American Games, the largest sporting event on the continent, and the Santiago 2023 Ceremonies were the highest expression of the Chilean country’s identity, where cultural diversity, sport and, above all, its people, offered a unique and
unrepeatable shows.