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SANTIAGO 2023 | Para Pan American Games Closing Ceremony

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

Not only memorable sports milestone, but also a celebration of inclusion

The Para Pan American Games Closing Ceremony, held in the Museo Nacional Aeronáutico y del Espacio, was a show filled with music, fireworks that deserved homages to the almost 2,000 Para athletes from 31 nations that battled in 17 sports in Santiago, creating impactful storylines for themselves and their teams, either by achieving personal milestones, winning medals, breaking records or even qualifying to Paris 2024.

The Ceremony was a strong symbolic show that speaks metaphorically of growth and blossoming both in the natural world, here represented by flowers, and in the human world.A message of respect for people and the environment. A hymn to strength and resilience, represented through the majestic floral biodiversity that Chile has to offer. The representation of the generative force that people in communities have in the urban world, represented by sports and cultural movements.

The event was not just a sporting milestone, but a party of inclusion that will stay engraved in future generations.