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SANTIAGO 2023 | Para Pan American Games Opening Ceremony

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

The show was the ultimate expression of the country's identity

The objective of the Para Pan American Games Opening Ceremony was to pay tribute to the courage, perseverance, and humanity of the athletes who animated this unforgettable event.

The show, developed in collaboration with Lotus, was a moment that united the material reality of the earth with the dreamy height of the sky: determination and ambition, the cosmos and people.

The Ceremony has been conceived as a concept that embraces a contemporary and modern look, a metaphorical metropolis built by people.

They perform an evocative choreography around the central stage where, through a ritual and ceremonial act, the cauldron that will house the flame of the games will be constructed.

At the end of the cauldron construction, a little girl performs an air from the main stage, heading toward the sky. A call to the stars, an act of connecting with the cosmos through the little girl’s white voice.

In response to the call, a blanket of white lights crosses the sky, forming various constellation shapes, and a direct connection is made with the characters at the centre of the metropolis and the cosmos. The journey of this very special relay is told in an epic video. The flashlight has crossed the country and is ready to be carried inside by the first bearer.