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RIYADH / 2023

SAGA | Saudi Games 2023

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

Another historic sporting event in Saudi Arabia

At the heart of The Saudi Games 2023, the Opening Ceremony unfolded into a spectacular evening, blending music, emotion and dance. It was a momentous celebration, marking the arrival of yet another historic Saudi Arabian sporting event and encapsulating the hopes and culture of an entire nation.

The stage was adorned with great performances, mesmerizing light displays, and a symphony of fireworks.  The flaming torch, a radiant symbol, ignited the start of this thrilling journey.

This event, boasting nearly one thousand participating athletes, underscores the genuine value of sport—a unifying force that transcends competition. The Saudi Games embrace every participant, reflecting a collective celebration of this nation and serving as a testament to the profound progress and reform that Saudi Arabia has undergone under Vision 2030.