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SOCHI / 2014

SOCHI 2014 | Paralympic Opening Ceremony

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

The Ceremony with the biggest scenic machine ever built for a live show

Breaking The Ice”: Sochi 2014 Paralympic Opening Ceremony exalted the Russian spirit, particularly its inclination to break down assumptions and stereotypes by uniting everyday people from different continents. Literature, music, dance and spectacular visual effects accompanied the performance of disabled Artists among an extraordinary cast of all ages and backgrounds. The Sochi 2014 Paralympic Opening Ceremony culminated with the entrance into the stadium of an icebreaker named “Peace”, the biggest prop ever built for a live show, succeeded by a stunning show on ice, which embodied the power of communication and opened the perspective of a peaceful humanity.

  • 42

    length in metres of the icebreaker, large enough to contain 55 buses inside

  • 309

    real ice props and 990 fake ice props

  • 3.300


  • 41.000

    props and scenic elements