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AMERICA’S CUP – Opening Ceremony

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— A Piazza Under The Sea

A Piazza Under The Sea. In one hand, Naples and its gulf are undoubtedly the most romantic shore in the world. On the other hand, America’s Cup World Series is the most prestigious sailing competition. In 2012, the ingredients were united for a unique celebration of the sea and navigation.
A wave of spectacularity immersed Piazza del Plebiscito into a maritime dimension with extraordinary aquatic animals, fluid choreographies and impressive 3D projections. The pouring rain literally soak the entire audience, nevertheless everyone was captivated by a poetic ode to the see and the sailing culture. The ceremony exalted the spirit and the tradition of the America’s Cup.
Naples acclaimed the athletes and the legendary names of this sporting event. Prestigious institutional representatives, such as Italian President Giorgio Napolitano and high ranks from the Military Navy took part in the celebrations and made the protocol moments truly solemn. When the trophy, the Old Mug, entered the stage the emotions and the tension of the sportive challenge radiated the whole gulf with beautiful fireworks explosions.

Creative Director
Marco Balich

Artistic Director
Lida Castelli

Produced by Filmmaster Events