Destination Experiences / Icons


The Drop Icon

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

Strong and simple, two designs inspired from Chinese symbols of personal strength and inner power

To create a true destination point, we designed a space that can host an ongoing entertainment offering to both attract and retain guests.
An evolutive space: by day it has a unique appeal, consistent with the rainforest design of the surrounding local area and as the sun sets it acts as a welcoming space with an unique atmosphere of exclusivity and a place-to-be, a single focus point from all perspectives, giving life to the Waterfront.
Our goal was to design an icon and its surrounding context that would become the next island hot-spot, perfectly representing the location’s fascinating and magnetic character. A long lasting icon, an ideal setting for an unforgettable daily show and performances, an entertainment and scenic machine inspired by a premium economy experience and accessible to a wide-targeted audience because of its emotional and interactive nature.
The Drop Icon is also a living sculpture, generating tailor-made, updatable content and engaging actions, boosting social and digital communities and give the opportunity of participating and sharing the total emotional experience that being in this place offers.
A social network magnet, targeted to become a world wide trending topic.