Immersive Shows / Immersive Experience


Superlive® Immersive Theater Macao

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

Show in development for an immersive and transformative theatrical experience

One theatre, three immersive shows, three different contests and story lines, one common mood: China and its fascinating heritage.   

We have been inspired by:

Nature and the environment. A unique way to develop the delicate visual representation of nature in Chinese culture and the values it carries with it in our everyday life. 

Human genius. A homage to Chinese contribution to human inventions and the art of engineering, developed through different historical milieus, a surprisingly entertaining story about time travel.

Cultural diversity. A tale of formation, a story of cultural differences and how they are overcome. The story of a road trip, about youth and migration and the at times troublesome road to everlasting friendship. 

The technical study and development for a new theatrical space in which infinite possibilities and transformative effects bring about a Superlive® show in its full potential: the audience are fully immersed into the scenery and performance, emotionally engaged and awed by the blurring of reality and illusion.