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RIYADH / 2024

ALAT | Event

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

A visionary event presents ALAT, the company that promises a better tomorrow

Peek behind the curtain of a visionary event created and produced in Riyadh for Alat, an innovative company launched by Public Investment Fund (PIF), focused on transforming global industries and creating a world-class manufacturing hub in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia powered by clean energy for a #TomorrowMadeBetter.

The speech delivered by Alat’s CEO enrolled future plans of investment; the following panels saw the exchange of the vision about integration of Technology in our lives by High Government Representatives, and a final one-to-one deep analysis by the Joint Ventures’ CEO shared the evolution of the technological market in Saudi and the world in years to come.

Over 350 participants, including Government Officials and Representatives, Industry leaders, Market Personalities, and Journalists, came together to endorse a groundbreaking new vision for global industries and to commend the country as a premier hub for technological innovation and manufacturing.