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ROME / 2023

API | 90th Anniversary

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

An immersive exhibition for 90 years of history

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the api Group, Balich Wonder Studio has created an immersive exhibition, “Da 90 anni, Insieme sulla Stessa Strada”, to celebrate the history of work, success, and pride of the most relevant private company in the fuel sector in Italy founded by Ferdinando Peretti in 1933.

The exhibition, held at Casa delle Armi in Rome, narrated in a contemporary way the Italian identity of the api Group which is embedded with the history and values of Italy itself.

The immersive exhibition combined projections and audio elements to guide visitors through the history and essence of the company: starting with the horse, symbol of the company, it continued through the group’s bibliography and iconic moments of Italian culture, culminating with the theme of the future and sustainability. The creative elements that inspired Balich Wonder Studio were the iconic black material, the street as a symbol of movement and progress, and tubes, as elements of connection between the past and the future.