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AZIMUT | New York City X Design Installation

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

An unexpected installation for a spectacular urban show

Azimut Benetti in collaboration with Balich Wonder Studio decided to suprise New Yorkers and tourists with an installation for NYCxDesign week 2019: a 20-metre-long yacht was positioned in the heart of New York City, in Times Square.
The aim was to celebrate the first 50 years of activity of the boating brand, the world’s leading builder of mega yachts. Between the New York City’s skyscrapers, this yacht was enhanced with a spectacular light show emphasising its beauty, generating a real urban show, designed to create a dialogue with the city. The installation aligns with a broader brand initiative referred to as azimut staging places, in which Azimut yachts are placed in unexpected environments.
Before the launch of the installation a gala dinner at the Rainbow Room, on the 65th floor of the Rockefeller Center, was organized for 300 special guests.