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VENICE / 2024

BUCCELLATI | The Prince Of Goldsmiths – Buccellati Rediscovering The Classics

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

A major retrospective exhibition, hosted in venice, rediscovers the history of the maison and the preciousness of the classic

Hosted in Venice in the spaces of Oficine 800 on the Giudecca Island from April 18th to June 18th 2024, signed in the creative concept and realised by Balich Wonder Studio and curated for jewellery and silverware by Alba Cappellieri, the exhibition retraces the distinctive themes of Buccellati’s creations, highlighting the mastery and preciousness of the “classic”.

“The Prince of Goldsmiths” is how Gabriele d’Annunzio, one of the most influential Italian writers and poets of the 20th century, described Mario Buccellati in 1936, attesting to his mastery in creating timeless masterpieces. From its birth in 1919 to present day, Buccellati products have distinguished themselves for their ability to unite the dimensions of time – past, present and future – in creations that interpret the best traditional goldsmithing techniques with an elegance that is always contemporary. Buccellati, today as yesterday, rediscovers the value of the ‘classic’, understood as a taste capable of transcending temporal boundaries, conquering eternity through.

The exhibition celebrates Buccellati’s illustrious history, interweaving its creations with the themes and masterpieces of classical Italian art, enlivened through video installations. The exhibition experience is divided into four distinctive rooms, each offering a perspective on the Maison’s creative heritage. The fil rouge and icon of the exhibition is the butterfly, named “Buccellati Venice Butterfly”, created for this special occasion, and which guides each section from the first room: always a symbol of the Maison and inspiration for the creative generations of the family, the butterfly embodies the evolution and soul of Buccellati, representing its growth in different evoluting steps.

For the installation project, Balich Wonder Studio took inspiration from the distinctive long and narrow shape of Oficine 800, dividing it into two parallel sections. A play of lines and geometries traces an ideal perspective line, which becomes the visitor’s path: at times it is an imaginary path guided by the video installations, some other times the perspective is infinitely multiplied, thanks to a skilful play of mirrors. Balich Wonder Studio’s creative concept combines forms inspired by classicism, such as arches and columns, with the most advanced technology, once again celebrating the many temporal spaces that characterise the spirit of Maison Buccellati.

The exhibition was anticipated by a Grand Opening, created and produced by Balich Wonder Studio, which welcomed more than 250 guests, including top clients, journalists, and influencers worldwide.

After visiting the exhibition, guests were welcomed to the magical hidden garden of Palazzo Fortuny for an aperitif accompanied by pianist and composer Pietro Spinelli on the notes of his Cucina Sonora project.

As the sun set, the splendid setting of the orangery came alive with the gourmet pret-à-porter experience of Michelin-starred Chef Vittorio Cerea, followed by the electrifying performance of two internationally renowned artists, Mika and Gloria Gaynor, who captivated and delighted the guests with an extraordinary show.