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ROME / 2019

Ferrari Roma World Premiere

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

The launch event of the new Ferrari’s Gran Turismo

The Ferrari Roma World Premiere has been an elegant yet understated experience for 650 special guests. Every detail has been created to be dazzled and to dazzle, to enchant and engage, to create an unexpected moment to remember and cherish.
For the launch of the new Ferrari Roma, guests were welcome in a contemporary club inspired by 1950s elegance, with a spectacular twelve-meter bar, surrounded by a multi-level lounge of velvets and brass details.
The central stage combined a poetic evanescent projection, which introduced the presentation, with a high-tech led-wall prism, which revealed the new Ferrari among the guests. The name of the car opened the club to the beauty and grandeur of the city: the hemicycle of Stadio dei Marmi welcomed Ferrari Roma surrounded by the light show of 150 dancing beams of light. In this setting, the dinner of the multi-starred chef Heinz Beck was served on black mirror tables in a cocktail-bar style mise en place, with crystal bottles and “Ferrari red” roses. The after-party started with Italian swing music and the new Ferrari among the guests.