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LOUIS VUITTON | Cruise Collection 2024

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

An iconic event for the first time in Italy

Louis Vuitton has chosen Italy and the charming Isola Bella on Lake Maggiore for the first time for its Cruise Collection 2024 and the side events dedicated to guests and celebrities.

An exciting three-day journey began with a Welcome Dinner at the breathtaking Rocca di Angera and cultural explorations of the lakes.

The event culminated with the Fashion Show inside Palazzo Borromeo at Isola Bella, followed by a Dinner in the beautiful Borgo and an After Party.

The last day of celebration ended with a Farewell Brunch at stunning Villa Gastel in Lake Como and a Re-see organized at Palazzo Crespi in Milan.

Balich Wonder Studio developed the creative design and production of the guest and celebrities experience, to celebrate the 2024 Cruise Collection Fashion Show.