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Diriyah / 2023

RAMZEN | Fashion Show

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

Diriyah Hosts an Unforgettable Art and Fashion Show Held in Bujairi Terrace

The inaugural edition of Diriyah Arts and Fashion Show has been an experience able to combine artistic inspiration with fashion sophistication, embracing Saudi heritage. Diriyah, the City of Earth, the world’s largest mud brick city, is one of Saudi Arabia’s top historical, cultural and lifestyle destinations. The event took place in Bujairi Terrace amid the mesmerising ancient ruins of At-Turaif and Wadi Hanifah.

Created in collaboration with the Athr Gallery exhibition, the evening was made even more magical by the Ramzen Fashion Show, which was inspired by the beauty and culture of Diriyah and its rich heritage.

The event was complemented by a musical performance by Saudi artists, who played a selection of distinctive melodies and musical pieces in an atmosphere that blended the essence of Diriyah’s rich culture and heritage with the artistic creations of Saudi talents.

Serving as an exquisite homage to the shared values and aspirations of both Diriyah Company and Ramzen the arts and fashion exhibition highlighted their dedication to artistic expression and cultural excellence.