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IBIZA / 2023

TEZENIS | 20th Anniversary

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

An iconic event to celebrate the brand's first 20 years

Tezenis, the Calzedonia Group brand with a cool and innovative soul, entrusted Balich Wonder Studio with the creative design and production of the “Oh my 20s!” show, an iconic event in Ibiza for 2,000 guests to celebrate its first 20 years.

Balich Wonder Studio, with the artistic support of LaTarma Entertainment, interpreted the young and pop spirit of the brand through the magic and joy of live performances, light shows and top DJs, as award-winning DJs and producers Robin Schulz and Purple Disco Machine.

The party started at sunset with two live performances. As the Ibizan night arrived, a light show began, illuminating the Club’s main stage where the story of Tezenis unfolded: a story of music, choreography and fashion. The climax of the evening was reached with the presentation of the new versatile collection.

The event was created and produced to best embody the musical and youthful soul of the brand.