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ALULA / 2022

ALULA SEASON | Five Sensory Sanctuary

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

The world's most influential well-being experience

Striving to be the world’s most influential well-being experience, S5 is putting Al Ula on a global map for being  a location of transformation and growth. 

From movement and meditation classes, to sound and sensory workshops, Five Senses Sanctuary offered an exquisite range of activities for both the curious mind and the seasoned yogi alike. From outside the wellness oasis visitors were greeted by the scents of local aromas through burning bakhoor, incense and citrus aromatherapy oils. The sounds of handpan qanunand acoustic instrumentals resonated throughout the pavilions and far beyond the borders of the sanctuary. The picturesque backdrop of the surrounding mountains coupled with the nature-based setting, earthy designs and community created art pieces dazzled the eyes. 

The natural materials used in all the structures created offer the touch of mother nature along with the sustainable and eco-friendly wellness props and tools to support the activities.