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JAKARTA / 2018

JAKARTA 2018 | 3rd Asian Para Games Closing Ceremony

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

The Ceremonies of the first international multi-sport event in Asia to celebrate the acceptance of differences and diversity

Balich Wonder Studio created and produced Indonesia 2018 Asian Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony cooperating with the Indonesian company Royalindo Convention International.

The Closing Ceremony was held at the Gelora Bung Karno Madya Stadium and attended by over 15,000 people who celebrated the spirit of the multi-sport event organized by the Asian Paralympic Committee and enjoyed a 2-hour show featuring 421 performers and 7 live music acts, including K-pop band AOA.

We Are One Wonder” was the theme of the Closing Ceremony on October 13th, a true celebration of the concept of “wonder”. In the word “wonder” we found a feeling of astonishment and admiration, caused by something beautiful and remarkable. Hidden in the word “wonder” there is also the word “won”, the past tense of a glorious victory, a tale of triumph. Featuring powerful music, artistic extravaganza and live theatrical action of wayang (Indonesian shadow puppets), “We Are One Wonder” closed the Indonesia 2018 Asian Para Games. Of course, the show included images of the amazing achievements of all the para athletes who showed us that we can do wonders and attain greatness together, beyond all abilities.