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PERU / 2019

LIMA 2019 | Torch Relay

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

Building citizenship while engaging communities and creating long-lasting memories

In 2019 Lima (Peru) hosted the Pan and Para Pan American Games, a unique occasion to engage all Peruvians around the Olympic values of sport and intensify a fruitful dialogue with all Peruvian communities.

The Torch Relay was a crucial part of the challenge to take this opportunity, with the goal to arrive everywhere to everyone, creating fun, expectations, and unforgettable moments.

While working on the 4 ceremonies production, Balich Wonder Studio was responsible for the Executive Production of the Lima 2019 Torch Relay.

The Flame Lighting Ceremony was held on July 2nd, at the Templo del Dios Sol in Teotihuacan, Mexico. Here, the New Fire – the flame lit up before the relay – started to connect two ancient cultures: the Aztec and the Incas.

The Ceremony launched the Pan American Torch Relay. The relay arrived in Cusco, the historical capital of Peru, on July 4 to begin the relay. Over 23 days, 900 torchbearers journeyed 6,500 kilometers across historical, cultural and natural settings through 14 departments and 19 cities.

The flowers represented in the patterns of the torch were inspired by the waltzes of Chabuca Granda, such as the flower of Amancaes, from “José Antonio”; the flowers of cherimoya and jacaranda, from “Zeñó Manué”; and jasmine from “La Flor de la canela”.

Lima 2019 ambassador Alexandra Grande, and Para badminton athlete Pilar Jáuregui, were the first Peruvian athletes to become torchbearers. Both carried the flame with pride. Thus, one of the biggest world sport celebration started with that event.

The Pan American Torch wanted to inspire and arouse the interest of thousands of people, visiting historical, cultural and natural Peruvian landmarks.

The journey started at the citadel of Machu Picchu on Friday 5th and reached the Plaza Mayor of Lima on July 25th. The relay ended the next day at the National Stadium on the occasion of the Opening Ceremony.