Ceremonies / Opening Ceremonies

NAPLES / 2019

NAPOLI 2019 | 30th Summer Universiade Ceremonies

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

Naples as a welcoming city that celebrates sport, peace and hospitality

Inspired by the natural shape of the Gulf of Naples, the creative concept identified the “U” of the Universiade logo as an embrace aimed at welcoming in the San Paolo Stadium not only 6,000 university athletes from 119 countries around the world, but also 40 migrants entrusted as placard bearers to convey a message of acceptance and dialogue between populations.

The biggest Italian events of 2019 took place in Naples with the 30th Summer Universiade Napoli 2019 Ceremonies that turned the San Paolo Stadium into an hyper technological postcard projected into the future thanks to led and laser lights. The Gulf and the Vesuvius, water and fire, represented the main elements of the scenic staging.

On the stage of the Opening Ceremony great talents of Italian sports, culture and music celebrated Naples and Campania in a live show that involved Malika Ayane and Bebe Vio for the tribute segment to Italy and Iaia Forte to celebrate the Neapolitan culture. Many Italian singers were the protagonists with their musical performances until Andrea Bocelli’s grand finale. In the end, the cauldron was lit by an amazing fiery ball kicked by Lorenzo Insigne, football player of Napoli and Italy National team. Therefore, President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella declared the 30th Summer Universiade finally open.

The Closing Ceremony – inspired the concept of “caffè sospeso” (pending coffee) – was a real celebration, full of energy and color, where tradition joined the future and the positivity that young people were able to convey. The spirit of sport, combined with the reception of the city, is the value that spread from the Universiade of Naples throughout Italy and around the world, even after the cauldron had been put out. An event that left its mark and ended with a majestic firework show. A tribute to the value and strength of the whole region of Campania, under the sign of welcome and peace, the founding principles of the Universiade games.