Destination Experiences / Icons

RIYADH / 2021

NOOR RIYADH – Star In Motion

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio KSA


Curated by the Artistic Director Lida Castelli, Koert Vermeulen’s artwork “Star in Motion” was a shining star set atop the Kingdom Tower, the most famous skyscraper of Riyadh. The artwork establishes a powerful link between the city, activated by Noor Riyadh’s light installations, the night sky above it, and the whole world, standing out as a brilliant beacon of hope and celebration for Noor Riyadh 2021.
“Star in Motion” has become the icon of the first edition the light art festival, also thanks to the challenging endeavour of installing a complex scenic machine of 6.2 metres in diameter and made of 1.2 million lumens at 257 metres above the ground, suspended within the open space of the highest tower of Riyadh.