Destination Experiences / Social Experience Destination



Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

Concept design of the 360 degrees transformation of an urban neighborhood through experiences and contents that turn the area into a social magnet suitable for all needs and targets.

In charge of the artistic direction of Milanosesto, an ambitious urban regeneration project on the outskirts of Milan, Balich Wonder Studio has developed a concept design that aimed to amplify the intrinsic and social value of the entire area.

Our vision elaborates an original and innovative approach consisting into the implementation of an emotional layer onto the traditional masterplan.
We call this approach: Emotional Masterplan. An artistic vision, originating from a deep analysis of the existing conditions, features and assets of an area, city or region, that transforms physical places into emotional ones, to create a powerful human experience.

The beating heart of the Emotional Masterplan is the social experience destination, a new way to conceive public spaces that Balich Wonder Studio has crafted from his capacity to engineer emotions.

Credits: Archea