Destination Experiences / Water Show

DOHA / 2022

QATAR | Water Show in Doha

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

Huge water fountains display, an iconic sculpture, cast, pyro and drones to welcome big crowds on the Corniche of Doha

Balich Wonder Studio created and produced an immersive water show experience on Doha’s Corniche, a 6-kilometre stretch from Sheraton Park to the Museum of Islamic Art, to celebrate FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

A large-scale water spectacle covering an area of 1 hectare and a 210-meter facade opening, completely floating for a global event watched by billions of spectators. More than 100 water jets make up this Giant Water Theater, in which two boys overcoming various difficulties find friendships in the name of football.

The 15’ daily water show as an add-on of the water fountains, featured, some 3D multimedia projections, acrobatic cast and bespoke music composition, world class lighting design, 2.5 km pyrotechnic effects, a 500 drone sets, all to create a message of welcome in peace for the FIFA fans from around the world.

Anghela Alo’ – Creative Direction
Stefania Opipari – Show Direction
Koert Vermeulen – Lighting Design&Water Fountain Design
Jean Kohler – Water Fountain Design
Christophe Berthonneau – Pyro Design
Diana De Paolis/ BWS Creative Studio – Video Design