Immersive Shows / Immersive Experience

BEIJING / 2018

Fang Fu. Forever

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

An immersive show to discover the Silk Road

The Silk Road, universal recognizable symbol of Chinese thousand-year old culture and civilization, was the protagonist of “Fang Fu. Forever”, the first immersive show produced by Balich Wonder Studio in China for three encore performances open to the public at Water Cube, Beijing National Swimming Center.
JC Cultural Group commissioned the show to Balich Worldwide Shows to put on stage the vision of the founder of JC Group, Mr Jay Wei, magnate of global new urbanization and Chinese enterprise ecological thinker.
The show was an idyllic journey portraying connections that linked distant lands and their people, promoting the progress of human civilization, contributing to the prosperity and development of the countries and the cultures along the Silk Road.
This journey, led by an iconic red ribbon, was a route with no end portraying the strictly connection of ancient China to the present and to the future, traveling across a new and modern eras marked with the same spirit that has animated the Silk Road for millennials.