Immersive Shows / Immersive Experience


The Legend Of The White Snake

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

Concept development for a show in mainland China

A mesmerizing immersive environment developed through multiple layers of projections that embrace the audience. A 3D Holo-gauze elevating the performance into a virtual space. Water declined in all its forms, becomes a scenic element: rain and mist create special effects throughout the venue, a walkable water stage and a deeper pool adds magic to surface and diving performances. A family-oriented show built on a compelling storytelling, enhanced through the most contemporary creative visions and technologies.
A fantasy drama mixing multiple artistic languages, such as dance, breathtaking acrobatics, circus performances, magic tricks and illusions, musical and opera. All will come together for a never seen before sensory experience full of wow effects, incredible video contents and stage transformations.
The Legend of the White Snake has been told throughout centuries in many different forms. This show aims to offer an unprecedented interpretation, an immersive and emotional theatrical experience, to spread a powerful and universal message of love and transformation.