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TURIN / 2018

Nuvola Lavazza Opening

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

A series of unique and experiential events for the city of Turin

Lavazza inaugurated the new headquarters and the connected structures within the Aurora Distric of Turin opening them for a series of unique and experiential events for the empoloyee and the whole City. During the press conference 560 journalists from the national and international press had the opportunity to know the genesis of Nuvola Lavazza through the speeches of Cino Zucchi, Ralph Appelbaun, Ferran Adrià, Federico Zanasi moderated by the actor Pierfrancesco Favino. In the evening guests took part in a true experience of contemporary cuisine designed by Federico Zanasi and Ferran Adrià. Followed by a big party for 350 guests. The storytelling of the event took its cue from the concept of the “condividere” and the set design created for its spaces by Dante Ferretti. The large glass panel of the central became a huge projection screen, like a space-time machine. Projections and the live performances of Pierfrancesco Favino drove the guests in an extract of “Novecento” by Alessandro Baricco. At the end of the coffee experience, the party continued with the dj set of Saturnino and dj Quality. The final day was dedicated to the citizens of Turin with a series of events and conferences, whose protagonists have been Steve McCurry, Simone Moro and Giuseppe Culicchia, and a live show of Maurizio Crozza.