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APULIA / 2014

Fairy Tale Wedding

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

A romantic private event that blended mythology, culture, music and nature in three different locations

Extraordinary is the first word that comes to mind to describe these celebrations that has been defined by Vanity Fair US as “The Wedding of the Century”.
We orchestrated a romantic journey into mythology, culture, music and nature. The 700 guests lived a chimerical encounter with the spouses and the wonderful Vivaah rituals and ceremonies. To make the fairy tale come true we freely found inspiration in Indian and Italian culture, producing 1,000 costumes, video mappings, projections, fireworks and incredible scenography built on three different locations. The newlyweds and their families were always the protagonists at the centre of the action, the flow of their emotions was the real natural driver of the fairy tale wedding, which had the participation of intentionally renowned acrobats and artists.