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MILAN / 2015

EXPO MILANO 2015 | Italian Pavillion

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

The Italian identity showcased at the Expo 2015

The Universal Exposition 2015 united 140 countries under the theme “Feeding The Planet, Energy For Life”. Each national pavilion showcase the contribution of their nation to the global challenges related to agriculture, environment, energy, sustainability, nutrition and social inequalities.
Vivaio Italia was the concept that Marco Balich explored as an answer for Padiglione Italia – the Italian Pavilion. “Vivaio” was a womb for Italian projects, perspectives and ideas redefining our present and shaping a better future. Young, promising and sustainable realities found a fertile ground within Padiglione Italia. This incubator articulated an engaging dialogue between the visitors and visionary minds of Italy.
The exhibition was orchestrated around four pivot themes that express the Energy of Italy: Workmanship, Beauty, Future, Limits. With the participation of Censis and Aaster research centers, 22 Italian regions have been explored with the goal of discovering innovative and creative entrepreneurship. The Italian Pavilion presented to the world the most outstanding agronomists, farmers, makers and innovators experiences we had encountered on our journey. Through their achievements they overcame limits, shaped our landscapes and opened future perspectives.
The Italian identity was built around the metaphor of the market, which is the cornerstone of our nation. Our language is born with the mercantile exchanges throughout the peninsula. Markets are relational monuments, they animate our city squares with social and cultural, vital interactions. Therefore, the market is a symbol of dialogue between: producer and consumer; tradition and contemporaneity; visitor and exhibition space. Our visitor’s journey reconsidered the synergy between a person and the exhibition. The entire Padiglione Italia was projected in an inviting, immersive and playful dimension made of sounds, colors, flavors and contacts.

  • 5 Millions

    of visitors

  • 266

    Institutional dignitaries

  • 54

    heads of state and government

  • 13,000

    square metres of structures