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Martial Arts Immersive Show

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

Concept and storyline development for an immersive martial arts show

A Fusion of Ancient Martial Arts with futuristic Technology, including breathtaking features and one-of-a-kind Creative Design.
An action-filled journey of a young man and his old master, who teaches him, through martial arts, how to achieve a deeper consciousness, true balance and love.
The eternal archetypal relationship, Master and Disciple, gives life to a spectacular epic tale.

As the story is freely inspired by real facts, that are deeply linked to the culture and tradition of the Chinese people, the design and consequent aesthetics maintains a strong connection with the Chinese heritage, avoiding the clichés of the western world. Martial Arts in their purest form.

New technologies are tested, applied and for the first time embedded in the performances, experimenting with special effects never seen before, translated into a cutting edge design, exploring yet invisible solutions.

Intended as the research of an innovative language, blending tradition and a futuristic approach, envisioned in the formation tale of a disciple traveling through centuries while remaining anchored in the present.