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DUBAI / 2019

DUBAI WORLD CUP | Welcome Reception

Produced by HQWS

A stylish themed décor to deliver the brand positioning of Meydan

HQ Worldwide Shows had the honour of creating and delivering the Dubai World Cup Welcome Reception 2019, the key event in the annual Meydan event calendar. The welcome reception has over the years evolved as a key driver and propagator of the Meydan brand, with H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Horseracing Excellence Awards positioned at the core of the event.
In a blank canvas creative approach, the entire site capable of hosting 1,200 pax, was designed and delivered for the single day event engaging a temporary structure array, with contemporary and stylish themed décor within and around it. The site itself was purposely orientated to showcase the modern Dubai skyline behind it. At the epicenter of the site stood the unique Penta Span structure, with relaxed lounge areas, themed food and beverage stations surrounding them, allowing free flowing service and networking to all the guests.
On the periphery, a crystal lagoon created the perfect opportunity for a dramatic arrival of the VVIP guests by boat and a touch of the racing course was created with real lawns being laid throughout. The end result: authentic hospitality within authentic surroundings, elevating the brand positioning of Meydan and the Horseracing Excellence Awards to new heights.