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JAKARTA / 2015

Indorama 40 years

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

A show to celebrate the company’s history

The story of Indorama is the story of a family, four generations of passionate visionaries guided by a common dream that puts people and human relations at the first place. “Made of Visions” was a journey through Indorama’s approach and values translated and produced by Balich Wonder Studio in an amazing gala dinner to celebrate the 40 years of the company’s history.
The universe of Indorama, Asia’s leading holding company of industrial products, was a rich source of inspiration to create the concept of this private event. Over seven hundred guests from all over the world were wrapped in the magic atmosphere of a sophisticated ballroom with an iconic set design, a wide screen and a masterful multimedia performance, showing beautiful and poignant projections dedicated to the Company’s values.
Two acts for a mix of tradition and innovation: great costumes, Indonesian percussionists match, with their basic instruments, with the electronic music of the Workers’ psychedelic exhibition. An African-esque performance through the creations of realistic puppets mimicking the animals of the Savana together with Indonesian female dancers, with their big black eyes and the magical gestures of their hands, alternated exhibitions with the use of objects to harmonize their movements. The 40th anniversary of Indorama was the celebration of a Company that represents a successful model of work and everyday life, a touching moment where every people feel to belong to a huge and visionary family.