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ALULA / 2022

ALULA SEASON | Symphony Under The Stars

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

Dedicated to the spectacular starry night of the desert

A unique statement of beauty, nature and culture: this was Symphony Under the Stars, a live show performed as part of the AlUla Moments Festival.

The majestic Arch Rock was the natural theatre for the reverberation of a live soundtrack dedicated to the Universe. A magnificent symphonic concert combining classical and electronic music, composed by Italian pianist Durdust for the event, and inspired by the spectacular starry night in the desert of AlUla.

The symphonic music, the unique location and the astonishing lighting design together generated an incredible experience for each guest – who felt like being brought through a cosmic portal to another dimension.

Balich Wonder Studio, which realized the Creative Concept and the Executive Production of the event, based this show on three fundamental pillars: the respect for the natural archeological site; the full enjoyment and appreciation of observing stars through an immersive experience in the desert; and the creation of an original and exciting concert in full compliance with the Covid-19 protocol.