Brand Experiences / Exhibitions and Installations

MILAN - FLORENCE / 2018-17

Esselunga 60th Anniversary Exhibition

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

A cultural exhibition to celebrate the brand and its contribution to Italian lifestyle

The exhibition “Supermostra” celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of Esselunga, in which the company retraced its history, closely linked to the evolution and the changes that crossed Italy through-out the years. More than 100.000 visitors appreciated this spectacular voyage created to amuse adults and children, staging the changes in style, customs and habits that Italy experienced over the last 60 years. As a mystery box, the rooms revealed events from the past and curiosities, divided by decades where it was possible to find objects of the daily life in each period. Many unpublished documents were exposed starting from the autograph notes of Bernardo Caprotti, the founder of Esselunga. Lots of “spectacular” elements: an exclusive zoetrope, an optical device that innovatively uncovered the secrets of the preparation of the famous lasagna of Esselunga; an installation of flying carts, the supermarket’s icon itself and a spectacular strawberry-shaped throne.