Immersive Shows / Immersive Experience


Dikra Superlive® Show on Suspended Stage

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

Concept and technical study for the suspended stage

Design concept for a theatre housed within a small spherical space. A creative solution and approach for an avant-guard performative environment that changes the entertainment experience itself; highly versatile screens and floating stages makes this project extremely unique.
A theater that becomes an icon, a modular project, hosting for the first time a floating stage. Intimacy is made spectacular and rethinks the theatrical space through an innovative architectural vision; cutting edge style merged with high technology and extreme versatility. The interior of the venue is conceived to attract very special people for very special, intimate events. Intimacy is its key feature and main attraction. That’s why the pearl shape, as this swirling sphere, is equally surprising and unique and creates a harmonious relationship between the indoor spaces and the outdoor of the theatre. Spectators will experience something unrepeatable from the moment they enter the venue, whichever event they are attending. A pearl is a jewel and so should be this auditorium: a multifunctional venue, developed around a spherical structure.