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MILAN / 2019

Laureus F1 Charity Night

Produced by Balich Wonder Studio

An event with music, sport and entertainment.

F1 Charity Night is the annual event of Laureus Foundation with the aim to raise founds to support children and young people in difficult situation through sport activities. The 2019 edition was set up in the beautiful location of Spazio Antologico in Milan and was a night of records: more than 370 guests and more than 380.000 euros raised, numbers that have never been reached before. The concept of the event was time and speed, two key elements of the main sponsors, IWC Schaffhausen and Mercedes Benz. Moreover, they are also very important for Laureus’ mission. An evening full of music, sport and entertainment where a lot of artists, athletes and vip performed on the stage: Valtteri Bottas, Giacomo Agostini, Serena Autieri, Bruno Cerella, Leonardo Fiorvanti, Sean Fitzpatrick, Riccardo Pittis, Marvin Hagler, Filippa Lagerback, Alex Giorgetti. Dinner was prepared by two starred chefs: Davide Oldani and Andrea Berton. During the event guests have been involved in a special competition where 4 teams, sail and surf, basket, softball and tukiki-social football, challenged each other in many performances to improve the charity auction.